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The Ice Dragon

She is the kingdom's only hope... and the king's one chance at love.

Dragon Knights, Book 3

When a royal black dragon falls under enemy fire, only the wild Northern Ice Dragon and his unlikely female rider can save him. Half wild, like the baby Ice Dragon she calls friend, Lana is a rare and powerful dragon healer. She saves the life of the royal black, only to learn this most sacred of dragons is half-man, able to shift from one form to the other at will.

Roland is king of all dragons and humans in his land, but he's far from home, mortally wounded, and his only refuge is the incredible woman who has saved his life and her young wild dragon friend. Lana is the purest form of magic to him, heaven to his senses in both dragon and human form. He knows almost from the first moment that he wants her for his very own.

But a warlord plots in the north, seeking to kill the dragons, who protect the northern border, and overrun Roland's peaceful kingdom. Lana and her incredibly skilled Ice Dragon friend are the only ray of hope for the knights and fighting dragons of the Northern Lair. Just as Lana is the only love Roland will ever know. He can reunite her with her lost family, but can he win her heart and make her his queen?

Warning: This book may feature an Ice Dragon, but the hero is smoking hot in either of his forms. We recommend keeping a fan handy in case you experience a sudden need to cool down.

Main Characters

  • Lana - an escaped slave in the frozen northlands with a talent for healing dragons
  • Roland - a shapeshifting royal black dragon
  • Tor - a baby Ice Dragon, abandoned by his mother and raised by the human girl, Lana

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A Top 12 Romance Book in Queensland, Australia

eBook ISBN 978-1619213968
Print ISBN 978-1619214194

Note: This book was revised and re-issued in October 2012 with a new cover, shown above. The old cover is displayed below.

The Ice Dragon - Original Cover
eBook ISBN 1-59998-092-4
Print ISBN 1-59998-287-0

Best Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal

Best Overall Fantasy Romance

The Ice Dragon Finals in the
Dream Realm Awards!

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What the Critics are Saying about The Ice Dragon...

5 Angels & Recommended Read from Serena at Fallen Angel Reviews! " one does dragons like Bianca D’Arc...she continues to awe me with her characters and her fertile imagination."

And another 5 Angels from Jessica at Fallen Angel Reviews! "With tender yet erotic passion, heart-wrenching moments of suspense and desperation, The Ice Dragon is a tremendous story that I will read more than once. Job well done, Bianca D’Arc, you have earned yourself a new fan today. 5 Angels!"

5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews! "This is a beautifully written book of love, sex and sensuality...Long after you've put it down, it lingers with you."

5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies! Jenn L said: "THE ICE DRAGON is a story filled with emotion, and you can feel the pain and joys of all of its characters....THE ICE DRAGON is a recommended read for sure and a definite keeper."

5 Roses from My Book Cravings! Robin S. said: "...a rewarding adventure filled with romance and a dash of erotica. Clearly this book can stand alone but as part of a series it becomes a force to be reckoned with."

In the February 2007 Issue, Romantic Times Magazine gave The Ice Dragon 4 Stars!

Reviewer Kristi Ahlers wrote:
"Step into a world with magical beings and spellbinding love... Although part of a series, this is a strong stand-alone effort."

5 Red Tattoos from Erotic Escapades! Megan said: "...a perfectly balanced masterpiece of fast paced action and passion that will make you yearn for a dragon warrior of your own."

5 Kisses from Two Lips Reviews! "...a lovely story of dragon shifters and their human companions. Her world-building is very detailed and complex, with nary a thread left to unravel. The writing is fast-paced; and immediately the reader becomes deeply involved with the characters."

5 Klovers from CK2S Kwips and Kritiques! "...just the right balance of sweet and sexy bound by an engaging story."

B+ from The Good, The Bad, The Unread! Shannon C said: "It was the dragons that made this book for me. I loved Tor, who is so obviously a precocious child. I imagine if he'd been human he would have irritated me because he is just too cute for words, but he wasn't and he didn't. And yet again, we have an absolutely awesome hero in the form of Roland, who is fiercely devoted to Lana and wants the best for her. I totally bought their romance, and loved watching Lana come into her own."

Stacey Brutger at The Road to Romance said: "This enchanting tale stole my heart...The imagery created by Bianca D’Arc really captured the story on the page - a time where mystical dragons were alive and thriving. Great job, not only on the story telling, but keeping the legends alive and well."

Georgia at Joyfully Reviewed said: "...a wonderful addition to the Dragon Knights Series. It easily stands alone, telling the story of Lana, her orphan dragon, and Roland...If you’re looking for a hot, sexy story full of fantasy, pick up Ice Dragon or any of the Dragon Knight books."

4 Hearts from The Romance Studio! Julia said: "...wonderfully different...non-stop action throughout...I would highly recommend it, particularly if you like dragon stories."